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At Bharpeth, we are committed to providing our customers with a seamless and satisfying experience. Our daily tiffin service operates on a subscription-based model, offering weekly and monthly plans for healthy and tasty meals delivered to your doorstep. To enhance your experience, we have incorporated a wallet option in our application, allowing users to conveniently opt for a subscription after topping up their wallet through Razorpay. We also provide the flexibility for customers to enjoy one-time meals as per their preference.

1. Meal Cancellation:

   - Customers can cancel any particular day's meal within the cutoff time.

   - The canceled meal will be automatically extended to the end of the subscription.

2. Order Changes:

   - Changes or additions to the meal plan are permitted only before the respective cutoff times.

   - After the cutoff time, no changes, cancellations, or additions will be entertained for the same day's meal.

3. Subscription Cancellation:

   - Customers have the option to cancel their subscription at any time.

   - If a subscription is canceled in the middle, excluding the day of cancellation, a refund will be processed only if the cancellation is made before the cutoff time.

4. Refund Process:

   - Refunds will be issued to the original payment method.

  - Refund will be initiated within 7 working days

   - Refunds are applicable only for canceled meals or canceled subscriptions if the request is made before the cutoff time.

   - Refunds will not be provided for meals canceled after the cutoff time.

5. Exception:

   - If the cutoff time is missed, the particular day's meal will be counted, and no refund will be issued.